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36 ICONS OF EDGE (FINAL FANTASY IV), all official art and renders from the DS/IOS/Android remake.

The remainder can be found here!
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Title: Bahamut’s Blessing
Author: hostilecrayon
Pairing: Edge/Rydia
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Disclaimer: FFIV is owed by Squenix.
Notes: Sort of a crack concept, which is actually the very first Edge/Rydia fic idea I had. This can be seen as a sequel to Finding the Whole, and though you don’t have to read it first, there are direct references to it. In my head, I consider this to be the third in a series that starts with Finding the Whole – except I haven’t written the second one yet. …Yeah. Working on it. It will largely be smut, so look forward to that!

Edge rolls to the side, not quite missing the massive claw that was aiming for his face. It catches his shoulder instead, raking cleanly through his armor and piercing his flesh. Blood splatters artfully in an arc across the ground, but he doesn’t have time to think about that as the Dragon King is fast – grudgingly, Edge admits that he is perhaps even faster than he is – and before he’s even found his footing, he is dodging again.
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Title: Finding the Whole
Author: hostilecrayon
Pairing: Edge/Rydia
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, violence, littlest bit of sap, a tiny bit of language, sexual themes, promiscuous Edge (which was the working title, actually), briefest of mentions of Edge bedding both unnamed men and women (no details either way)
Disclaimer: FFIV is owned by Square Enix, or Squenix, as I like to call them.
Notes: I don’t even know. This was supposed to be a short silly fic with just a touch of angst that was just for fun. Somehow, it turned into this nearly 7,000 word monster you see before you, and it is ripe with angst and pain and introspection and Edge learning how to grow up through trial and error. I bled this out in two days, and I have no idea where it came from. So… uh… enjoy?

Edge has slept with many women in his short life.
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Title: Still Frame
Author: hostilecrayon
Rating: PG
Pairing: Edge/Rydia (Unrequited)
Warnings: Character death, angst
Disclaimer: FFIV belongs to Squaresoft, or more recently, Square Enix.
Notes: UGH. I don’t know why this bunny bit me. It’s such a terrible bunny, and it makes me sad. I apologize in advance. This takes place directly after FFIV – I didn’t play the After Years, and as such, am completely ignoring its existence.

The last time he’d seen her, her hair had been completely white. There wasn’t even a hint of the vivid color that had once fallen softly around her face; a face that now bore the wrinkles of a long life lived. Yet for Edge, it had been no more than a year. One long year of intermittent visits that brought an older and older Rydia before him.
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Contains SPOILERS for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.


more at [personal profile] candyfloss
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Contains SPOILERS for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.


more at [personal profile] candyfloss


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