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Title: Fractured Fairytale
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Rating: T/PG for swearing and mild sexual references.
Summary: It was just on impulse that Snow had found himself kissing Lightning that night on the Lindblum. Despite their determination and love for Serah, neither of them can fully put that one disastrous mistake behind them as they fight to defeat their Focus. Takes place mid-game and post-game.
Pairings: Lightning/Snow, Snow/Serah
Characters: Lightning, Snow, Serah, Hope, Gadot, Fang, Vanille, and Sazh.
Total word count: 20,171
Rating/warnings: Fic contains emotional (and sometimes physical) cheating, but that has to happen given the timeframe and the pairing. There is also quite a lot of guilt associated. Some injury and mild hurt/comfort in Chapter Three.
Other Notes: Entry for [community profile] ff_exchange and written for Lesca Phoenix. Beta'd by Virago_queen/Eva-cybele, who was epically amazing for helping me get this beast sorted out. A shout-out to Accidental_Overlord for being a great sounding board for all my troubles (and pretty much being my number one cheerleader and telling me, 'no it doesn't suck' when I began to worry).

Chapter One: The Airship, the Whisky and the Mistake
Chapter Two: The Doubts, the Ark and the Promise
Chapter Three: The Tarnished Knight, the Tangle and the Realisation
Chapter Four: The Bridge, the Focus and the Far-Away Dream
Chapter Five: The Departure, the Wedding and the Adventure

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20 icons from Final Fantasy VIII, XII: Revenant Wings, XIII-2, and Type-0 found here at [community profile] elysia

56 icons from Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy XIII found here at [community profile] elysia

27 icons

Aug. 29th, 2011 07:21 pm
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24 Final Fantasy Tactics fanart
02 Final Fantasy IX concept art
01 Final Fantasy XIII


Agrias standing strong, holding her sword. A female black mage sitting on a giant bean bag chair in a library, paging through a book A closeup of Fang in warm light.

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