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☼ 11 Final Fantasy XV icons

more icons @[personal profile] iokaste 

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03 FFVII (Tsukiji Nao art)
05 FFIX (pixiv)
20 FFX

and a bunch of other stuff @ [community profile] heist
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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
95 Lumina
34 Chocolina
43 Hope Estheim
162 Lightning
2 Serah Farron
26 Snow Villiers
2 Oerba Dia Vanille
1 Caius Ballard
3 Group

368 ICONS @ [community profile] livebites
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Final Fantasy XIII-2
32 Gadot
13 Lebreau
80 Lightning
30 Maqui
6 Mog
138 Noel Kreiss
126 Serah Farron
3 Yeul
12 Yuj
51 Caius Ballard
1 Misc
12 Group

517 ICONS @ [community profile] livebites
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24 ICONS OF ZELL (FINAL FANTASY VIII), all in-game renders/CG.

The remainder can be found here!
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36 ICONS OF EDGE (FINAL FANTASY IV), all official art and renders from the DS/IOS/Android remake.

The remainder can be found here!
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Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns


more here @  [personal profile] iokaste 

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final fantasy & other fandoms rite hurr
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(x23) final fantasy xiii-2/lightning returns icons in a multifandom post

here @ [community profile] exitwounds
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Final Fantasy X-2 (25 Icons)

Yuna [9]
Rikku [10]
Right this way, sir~
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Final Fantasy X [18]
Final Fantasy X-2 [12]
Total: 30 Yuna icons

Right this way, sir.
**Locked! See here.
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Final Fantasy Type-0:18
Final Fantasy VII: 95
Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2: 90
Persona 4: 14
Persona 3: 15
Fire Emblem: 11
Others(see tags):19

more here

Final Fantasy VII: 37
Final Fantasy XII: 111


more here
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final fantasy xiii-2 icons.

the rest are here
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Hello, everyone! I just thought I'd share these here: it's a set of 200 icons I made of Maqui (using screencaps from both XIII and XIII-2), created to kick off a... lengthy and ridiculously ambitious project I'm undertaking to make icons for, well, most of the characters in both games. Only time will tell if I actually go through with all of it. When it comes to icons, I apparently have the philosophy that anything worth doing is worth overdoing; that's really the only explanation I can think of for why (or even how) I took a minor character and managed this many icons, anyway.

[+] Final Fantasy XIII (77)
    [-] Maqui (77)
[+] Final Fantasy XIII-2 (123)
    [-] Maqui (123)


Icons can be found here at [community profile] bodhum.


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