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Final Fantasy X-2 (25 Icons)

Yuna [9]
Rikku [10]
Right this way, sir~
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Allow me to introduce to you Dressphere Runway; an original post brought to you by yours truly. I'm going to rip the fashion critique~ out of me and judge the everliving chocobo out of Final Fantasy X-2's dresspheres; not for what they do, but for how they look. Let's begin our Part One.


Being our main character's default dressphere, Gunner is first on this list. It's got great range, impressive accuracy and no waiting time for its Gunplay commands but how much damage can a tiny bullet really do to one of Spira's gigantic fiends?

As you can see, and will continue to notice throughout all of the dresspheres, our girls are sporting a specific idea, but with noticeable differences unique to each character. (Read more here!)
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Title: A Sky Pirate and an Al Bhed: Round One
Author: Amanda
Fandom: Final Fantasy X-2 & XII
Characters: Balthier, Rikku
Rating: K
Wordcount: 702
Summary: Balthier meets Rikku on the Mi'ihen Highroad
Warnings: None
A/N: I've always been a fan of crossovers. Especially with Final Fantasy characters and Spira, since I know Spira backwards and forwards, up and down, all with my eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back. A Sky Pirate and an Al Bhed will be an ongoing series of Balthier and Rikku one-shots. However, there will be the odd ones that contain parts, such as this one right here, which is part one of two. Enjoy!

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