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Selphie Tilmitt ([personal profile] booyaka9000) wrote in [community profile] finalfantasy2017-01-16 06:21 pm

Chosen By The Crystals: A Final Fantasy Fanworks Exchange!

Link: [community profile] chosenbythecrystals/On Imzy

Description: Chosen By The Crystals is an exchange for Final Fantasy fanworks (fic and art for this round). Nominations for specific entries in the series and characters are open now!

Nominations: January 6th - January 19th
Administrative/Final Tagset Maintenance: January 20th - January 22nd
Signups: January 23rd - January 31st
Matching: February 1st - February 3rd
Assignments: February 4th
Writing Period: February 4th -March 31st
No Penalty Default Deadline: March 17th
Pinch Hits: April 1st - April 7th
Work Reveals: April 8th
Creator Reveals: April 15th

All Final Fantasy games, animated series/movies, manga, etc. are eligible!

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