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Name:Final Fantasy Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For Fans of Final Fantasy


This is the first community on Dreamwidth for all Final Fantasy fans, whether you like Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy I you're all welcome here. You can post fanart, fan fiction, icons you've made to share, theories on certain subjects, or what you did in the game that you feel proud of!

1.] Please only post topics relating to Final Fantasy.
2.] Spoilers should be behind an <lj-cut> tag with a warning.
3.] Large images and adult content should also be behind an <lj-cut> tag please.
4.] Fanfiction should include a rating so members know what to expect.
5.] While debates happen and are welcomed, we ask that you don't cause drama, start name calling or harassing others for their opinions.
6.] feel free to promote your community as long as it is some-what related (ie. for a video game etc.)
7.] Have fun!

For Newbies
How you got into the FF games:
Fave female char:
Fave male char:
Fave all time char:

This isn't mandatory, it's there just in case you can't think of anything to say post right away!

Posting Fanfic
If you wish to keep track of your fanfiction, you may tag them as "author: yourusername". We encourage you to use this standard form when posting fanfic:

Title: (Every story needs a title!)
Rating: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
Pairing: (Any hints of a pairing? Subtle or not.)
Word Count: (It's always helpful to know the size!)
Additional: (Anything we should know before reading? Rape? BDSM?)
Summary: (A summary of the plot)


[community profile] abyss - for topics on Namco's PS2 game, Tales of the Abyss
[community profile] cloudxaerith - for people to discuss topics of Cloud/Aerith
[community profile] fandom20in20 - a 20in20 icon challenge for all fandoms
[community profile] ffvii - for specific Final Fantasy VII topics
[community profile] ffvii_yaoi - a community for Final Fantasy BII yaoi
[community profile] ffxii - a place to post specific Final Fantasy XII topics
[community profile] ffxiii - for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII games
[community profile] finalfantasyxiv - for updates on the newly announced Final Fantasy XIV Online
[community profile] ivalice_nb - a notice board for Final Fantasy XII works
[community profile] kingdomhearts - a place to discuss Square Enix's other hit series, Kingdom Hearts
[community profile] starocean - for all Star Ocean related topics
[community profile] zackcloud - for fans of Zack/Cloud

Want to be an affiliate? Then comment here!

Roz - [personal profile] faye

Any questions, comments, whatever, please email or PM [personal profile] faye

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